Beefer One Pro

The Beefer One Pro

The entry to the world of 800 degrees Celsius Barbecue


  • Burner temperature > 800 degrees Celsius (> 1472 °F)
  • Tested according to Gas Appliance Directive 2009/142/EC
  • Category: I3P (50) propane
  • Nominal heat capacity: 3.5 KW
  • LPG-powered grill appliances for outdoor use


Included in delivery:

  • Beefer PRO
  • 2 x Gastronorm trays
  • 1 x grill glove
  • 2 x grill grates
  • 1 x handle
  • Gas hose* (1.5 m in length)
  • Commercial pressure regulator 30 mbar two-stage*
  • Hose breakage protection 30 mbar*

Quick cleaning


The grill grate shelves are highly practical for quickly and precisely positioning the food. Once you’re finished ‘beefing’, they can be detached via a handle on the housing and placed in the dishwasher.


Hot at the touch of a button


The new Beefer One PRO features electrical spark ignition. So a touch of a button is all the Beefer One PRO needs to heat up. It also achieves the legendary temperature of 800 degrees Celsius just as easily as its older brother – Beefer One.


Well protected


The gas lines on the reverse side are safely protected behind a strong stainless steel plate, meeting the harsh demands of daily work. The entire Beefer One PRO housing is likewise made from stainless steel.


All inclusive


Beefer One PRO is well equipped: alongside the basic unit and all the necessary parts, delivery includes two grill grates, two gastro trays as well as the obligatory Beefer glove.